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3 times per day,
times per day,
199 14 days 2013 Turkey 51-200 En 734
			Online sellers of all sizes trust Prisync for enhancing their pricing decisions using data. 
Our price tracking tool brings them valuable price and stock availability data on a simple dashboard.
And our dynamic pricing tool allows them to match or beat anyone's prices without spending a minute.
On average, retailers catch a 20% increase in sales using Prisync, just for a week's coffee money.
It is impossible to track every competitors’ prices on the market manually.
We track unlimited
competitors and automate pricing
					Our technology adapts to changing circumstances and is designed to help you better manage your prices, profits, and competitive edge.
					Your competitors wouldn't be able to know that you're spying on them because our bots are kinda like the movie from Bladerunner.
					We deal with the servers, crawlers, websites, and all the other technical things that cause headaches so you can sit back and relax.


2 times per day,
2 times per day,
37 yes 2015 United
En 1.070
Pricefy is a digital tool that automates price management and the production of promotional posters. 
Users can create standard posters with customized visual branding to suit specific company images.
The software allows users to select an exact print size from several preset options, and they can define poster styles in many different formats.
Pricefy can also help teams by automatically calculating compound interest rates.
				Monitor your competitor price in any country, currency or marketplace (e.g. Amazon and eBay), on daily basis.
				Be alerted every time your competitor change his prices, adapt your pricing strategy in real time using your rules.
				Discover how competitive your prices are, identifying when you are higher or lower and adjust your prices to increase your profits.


- - - no 2012 Spain 85 En, De,
Es, Fr, It
Minderest, European leader in Price & Catalogue intelligence, 300+ customers in 30+ countries. 
Founded in 2012 Minderest was among the first Price Intelligence companies on the market.
Minderest works with retailers who need their competitors' prices, and with manufacturers who wish to check if their pricing strategy
is being respected throughout their distribution channel.
Companies like Media-Saturn, Telefonica, Auchan, Carrefour, Sony or L'Oreal, trust us to improve their pricing strategies.
				Synchronise your ERP with B2B suppliers get the catalogue, purchase price, availability and any other information that can be monitored.
				By analysing the price evolution over time you can discover which price strategy each of your competitors apply, which companies are monitoring each other and with what profit margin.
				InSite offers you an intuitive pricing assistant to help you construct your pricing strategies in the environment that you know best; your own eCommerce.
				Over 20 configurable graphs at your disposal within the most complete pricing dashboard on the market. Designed by retail and pricing experts, you will be able to analyse any relevant data for strategic decision making.


not limited,
not limited
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299 7 days 2020 Ukraine 11-50 En, Ru 116
UXprice finds and tracks an unlimited number of competitors for each of your products. 
The matching of your products to those of your competitors is automatic, as is the search for competitors.
For each individual product, you can analyze the following parameters: the number of competitors for the product, your price position among them,
the average price of the product, the difference between your price and the maximum, minimum and average in percent. General market analytics are also available
				Parsing competitors' prices
				Dynamic Pricing
				Competitive pricing analysis
				Retail pricing optimization
				Pricing Intelligence


1 times per day,
1 times per day,
179 14 days 2019 USA 2-10 En, TR, DE 355
PriceRest, provides creative price monitoring & repricing solutions to e-commerce companies all around the world. 
We create intelligence algorithms that get competitor prices, price suggestions and competitor suggestions instantly.
We crawl about 10 million web pages each day by using our own infrastructure.
				Advantages of Using Price Tracking Software
				Dynamic Pricing is a strategy for any business owner who is in the competition of e-market which provides flexibility of the prices.
				MAP Monitoring Software like PriceRest can also be used by the producer itself. To see the price violations regarding your own products, you can monitor the sellers of your products in a monitoring tool like PriceRest.


- - - - no 2012 Poland 36 En, Pl, Nl,
De, Sk, Cz,
Fr, Es, It
Dealavo provides you with high quality of competitors data thanks to leveraging it’s algorithms, 
streamlined processes and manual work of QA and Data Cleaning operators supported with semi-automatic tools.
Dealavo is more than just data. Thinking about e-shops, we have created a unique Dynamic Pricing platform that integrates internal data from ERP with behavioral and competition data.
				Competitor price tracking – in the web-based platform, online stores get access to data about different stores’ offers
				Product availability- you can analyze whether your competitors have a product in stock
				Competitive analysis – you can check which retailer you have the biggest amount of products in your assortment in common
				Alerts about profit increase possibilities – a quick reaction to changes in the dynamic e-commerce market can lead to a significant profit increase.


- - - - yes 2008 USA 19 En 109
It is PriceManagers mission to provide our clients with actionable and meaningful online pricing data, competitive intelligence, 
Promotional and Assortment Intelligence and dynamic price recommendations to help them create and maintain successful profitable pricing strategies.
				Integrating Available Data into Your Business Strategy
				The system can track thousands of products in just a click of a button, making data collection more convenient and accurate.
				With PriceManager, you can get insights on the competition and implement the appropriate strategy to leverage your business. 
				PriceManager serves as your one-stop solution for competitive intelligence, giving you the right tools to increase profitability and sales.


- - - - yes 2015 Italy 29 En, It 277
The frequency of price changes, prevalence of marketplaces, 
and online price transparency put more pressure on retailers and brands alike to keep up with online product and pricing information.
With Competitoor, Retailers and Brands get deep insights about their competitive situation and as a result they can act upon, based on comprehensive and solid data.
				Explore your market
				Increase your sales
				Protect your business 
				Monitor online prices
				Save your time 
				Dynamic Prices

Optimus Price

- - - - yes 2017 Spain 28 En, Es 59
Optimus Price predicts demand by analyzing stock, seasonality, product lifecycle, promotions and more. 
Also, you will be able to detect stock - outs in advance while reducing safety stock.
Our AI will notify you before stock-outs happen so you can react on time.
				Competitor monitoring
				Dynamic Pricing
				Stock & Sales forecasting
				Google Shopping Optimization


376 - - yes 2007 United
51-200 En 124
Consumer demand is higher than ever, and eCommerce companies especially have to ensure their products and pricing meet those demands and exceed expectations. 
Skuuudle doesn't just offer detailed insights into your competitors. We provide a bespoke blueprint that you can use to build a better future for your brand.
With a 100% customisable approach to product and competitor analysis, we don't skim the surface.
Instead, we dive deep into your industry and provide solutions that turn small businesses into recognised brands.
				Our price monitoring software collects competitor data from any source and location at your desired frequency
				Skuuudle can automatically link identical or similar competitor products
				Actionable insights on-demand via our dashboard. Identify overpriced products, opportunities for price increases and long-term trends.


1 times per day,
1 times per day,
59.95 yes 2010 Serbia 51-200 En 1.670
E-Commerce professionals from around the globe put their trust into Price2Spy when trying to optimize their prices.
Our dashboard will provide you with all the price information that you might need.
The AI and ML-based tool will help you to detect your market position within minutes which makes beating the competition much easier.
All price changes will be automatically spotted, and you'll receive an alert email. It doesn't get more accurate than this!
				Price Comparison
				Price Change Alerts
				Reporting & Price Analytics
				Smart Spidering
				API Integration


1 times per day, 
1 times per day,
106,51 14 days 2018 Romania 2-10 En,Ro 104
PriceVent - A powerful competitor monitoring solution that set your business up for long-term growth.How can PriceVent help? 
First, it can offer you deep insights about the competitive situation so that you can easily find the middle ground and preserve margins.
Second, with access to valuble pricing intelligence based on real time data you can understand the market and make educated pricing changes at speed and scale.
			Price Tracking
			Stock Monitoring
			Product Matching
			Competitive Analysis
			Pricing Intelligence
			Dynamic Pricing


- - - - yes 2015 Spain 51-200 En, De,
Fr, Es
Netrivals is a Price Intelligence and Market analysis solution for e-commerce business and brands in competitive scenarios.
Our platform offers you a comprehensive vision of the market through competitive pricing analysis.
You can use this information to make more effective pricing decisions that will help you boost your sales and revenue.
Make use of the Netrivals competitor price monitoring software and learn all the product prices of your different rivals.
Netrivals will help you have a global vision of the market with advanced reports and information to lead the game.
			Price monitoring: monitor competitors’ price changes. Analyze prices on direct web and marketplaces. Track price evolution across sellers and spot patterns in competitors’ pricing strategies.
			Price Intelligence: get a better understanding of your level of competitiveness in the market. Assess your store’s position by product categories, competitors, marketplaces, etc.
			Dynamic pricing: set prices according to market state by using our rule-based system.
			Market analysis: analyze the price evolution of your products and brand distribution across several countries and sellers. 
			Notification system: receive alerts when price changes occur in distribution channels.

Competitor Monitor

- - - - yes 2010 United
11-50 En 515
Competitor Monitor provides customer and competitor intelligence systems for the world's leading brands. 
We’re an amazing team that turn market complexity into simple intelligence, with top-class analysts, designers,
developers and client managers ensuring we can meet any challenge. Our market leading SaaS application (www.competitormonitor.com)
benchmarks and analyses online businesses, tracking markets round the clock to spot opportunities for price improvements, web promotions and new product launches.
			Track your competitors' prices and tactics automatically, so you can make data-driven decisions to ensure you are always appropriately priced.
			Get instant alerts on product availability so you can react quickly to promote the right products at the right time.
			Bespoke reports available 24/7, in any format and updated as often as required.


- - - - no 1999 USA 201-500 En 1.230
Zilliant powers intelligent commerce for B2B companies by connecting their commercial strategies with effective execution. 
Our industry-leading price optimization and management and sales guidance software enables profitable growth by transforming
the way our customers use data to price and sell in traditional and digital channels. Zilliant’s data science, cloud-native
software and passion for customer success delivers the highest ROI, fastest time to value and highest customer satisfaction.
Learn more about how Zilliant helps power intelligence commerce at www.zilliant.com.
			Cost volatility. Complex pricing structures. Cumbersome processes. Price more profitably.
			Thousands of customers, products and commercial decisions. Transform how you sell and price.
			Complex pricing processes. Rate inconsistency. Revenue leakage. Set market-aligned rates.


- - - - no 2014 USA 51-200 En 566
Competera is an AI-powered platform helping retailers to set optimal prices.
It uses the cutting-edge ML technology combined with the best econometric practices.
With Competera, businesses can boost bottom line metrics and sustain the right price perception through optimal price recommendations.
These recommendations are based on 20 pricing and non-pricing factors as well as own price elasticity and cross-product sales dependencies.
			Competitor-centric pricing triggered by market changes
			Automated real-time repricing
			Mix of rules & demand-based pricing
			Balance between customer demand and business goal
			Individual offers based on LTV

Omnia Retail

- - - - yes 2012 Netherlands 51-200 En, De, Nl 504
Omnia Retail is the company behind Europe's first dynamic pricing software. Built by two industry experts — one a retail software engineer, 
the other a retail strategy consultant — Omnia was created to help each founder’s respective clients achieve more with their pricing.
Omnia’s mission is to help retailers and brands take control of their pricing and grow profitably with automation and insights,
and the enterprise-ready software makes it easy for teams to manage pricing without the need for IT.
			Combine pricing data and automation for total control of every price in your shop. 
			Track product prices and compare your product prices to the competition.
			Omnia pulls data from multiple sources, including comparison shopping engines and directly from your competitors’ websites.
			Omnia automates data collection, pricing calculations, and price updates, so you can focus on the strategy that drives your business forward.
			With Omnia, you have total control to set any kind of pricing rule you can imagine directly from a user-friendly Saas interface. Without the involvement of IT.


3 times per day,
3 times per day, 
224,71 14 days 2019 United
51-200 En, Fr,
Es, De, It
Win the Buy Box with the fastest automated repricer for Amazon. Repricer.com reacts to competitor's changes in 90 seconds, 
so the moment a rival seller reprices or goes out of stock, we adjust immediately to get you the Buy Box.
With repricer.com you can input all your costs to get a 360 view of sales performance, ensuring you never sell at a loss.
Repricer.com also maximizes your profit margins by pricing upwards when the competitive environment allows, so you sell at the best price possible.
			Beat competitors with super-fast repricing
			Enter your costs and measure the net margin on your SKUs, or if you’re using Linnworks you can sync it with Repricer.com to do so automatically.
			We’ll maximise your profit when opportunities arise such as when competitors are out of stock or when you’re already the Buy Box winner.
			If low-quality sellers are pushing your price down you can ignore them and sell at higher profits.


32 2 weeks 2017 Turkish 51-200 En, Tr, Pl 204
Listinguish is a Competitor Intelligence Plaform for e-commerce & marketplaces, 
- You can check sales, comments, price changes and so many things on a competitor listing
- You can check your competitor's store. New listings, old listings, listing price changes
- Search ranks, you can check your competitors or your listings'​ rankings on search results
			You can compare competing products with your own products. You can filter your products in detail. In short, you can manage your data very easily from our panel.
			You can seamlessly transfer your products to listinguish, thanks to our integrations to each platform.
			Listinguish can track variants of competing products. You can also match it with variants of your own product.
			You can track any product you want in marketplaces or e-commerce sites. We do not limit you.


details 9.99 - 19.99 30-day 2014 USA 51-200 En 557
PriceLabs is an innovative and easy to use revenue management tool for vacation and short term rental industry. 
A data-driven approach, automation rules, and customizations to manage pricing and stay restrictions help vacation rentals increase revenues
and save them hours in the process. With integrations to a growing list of channels and property management systems, automated revenue management is a few clicks away!
			Customizable Data-Driven Pricing
			Analyze your portfolio’s health at a glance with our performance indicators
			Cascading minimum stays keep min-stays higher further out and lower them as a date approaches. Set fixed minimum stays for holidays and the high season.
			Automatically reduce minimum stays to fill gaps in your calendar

Model N

- - - - no 1999 USA 501-1000 En 1.640
Model N enables life sciences and high tech companies to drive growth and market share, minimizing revenue leakage throughout the revenue lifecycle. 
With deep industry expertise and solutions purpose-built for these industries, Model N delivers comprehensive visibility,
insight and control over the complexities of commercial operations and compliance. Our integrated cloud solution is proven to automate pricing,
incentive and contract decisions to scale business profitably and grow revenue.
				Proactively drive pricing policies by monitoring pricing and reimbursement events.
				Improve performance with visibility into internal prices and competitors’ pricing trends.
				Increase responsiveness by efficiently responding to price change requests.
				Create realistic launch sequences by combining accurate price data, volume forecasts, and optimization algorithms.


- - - - no 2007 USA 51-200 En 8
In 2007 PriceGrid revolutionized pricing with its cloud based software PriceGrid. 
Now thousands of companies of all sizes enjoy the benefits of PriceGrid's real time automatic price management.
From day one PriceGrid was designed to make competitive pricing intelligence easy and affordable as a direct replacement
to the tools that only extremely large retailers could afford. The power and affordability of the PriceGrid solution allows every retailer
and manufacturer on the planet access to real time revolutionized pricing.
				Leverage detailed price monitoring technology to stay on top of your competition. Look up dollar and percentage differences quickly.
				Is your pricing as competitive as it could be? PriceGrid enables you to monitor thousands of items effortlessly.
				PriceGrid helps improve analytics by exposing weak price points.
				Monitor critical price points at an interval you specify. Easily configure custom notifications.


- - - - 30-day 2007 USA 51-200 En 705
Mozenda is the most used web data extraction software on the market. Since our founding in 2007, we've helped tens of thousands of individuals, 
academic institutions, government agencies, and enterprises worldwide get data from the web to perform business intelligence, competitive pricing,
market sentiment, and other forms of analysis. Mozenda is profitable with increasing, high revenue growth.
				Scrape text, files, images and PDF content from web pages with our point and click feature.
				Organize data files for publishing. Export directly to TSV, CSV,XML, XLSX or JSON through our API.
				Let us prepare your data so you can make big decisions.
				Integrate data through our partner’s platform or custom data integration in selected platforms


- - - - yes 2012 United
201-500 En 9.540
Competing in the world of digital commerce is a data driven activity. The data needs to be fresh, accurate, relevant and at massive scale. 
But Import.io makes it easy with our Web Data Integration Managed Service. No engineering, no configuration just data delivered where you want it,
when you want it and in the format that you want it. Import.io is used by the world’s leading brands, retailers and e-commerce analytics companies
to enable them to compete and win online by providing the consumer the best service. Import.io is collecting approximate half a trillion data points
from the web each month.
				Building more powerful analytics
				Tracking and measuring consumer sentiment
				Protecting and monitoring your brand
				Creating more accurate dynamic pricing


1 times per day,
1 times per day,
209 yes 2016 USA 51-200 En, Es,
Fr, De, Jpn
Octopus Data Inc. is a software company specialized in collecting data from both static and dynamic websites. 
Octoparse is a visual & automatic web data extraction software which simulates human operation to interact with web pages.
You can use our point-&-click UI to easily bulk extract web data from web pages (including those using Ajax, JS, and etc.)
and there are various export formats of your choice like CSV, Excel, HTML, TXT, and database (MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle).
Our cloud service supports extracting and storing a large volume of data in the cloud for large-scale extraction needs.
					Track and monitor prices. Extract data from your competitors. Scrape real-time data within several clicks.
					Easily extract massive leads and build your sales list within minutes
					Use scraped web data to improve your marketing strategies. Make better predictions and decisions.
					Extract online data to power your research or data models. Instantly get your research underway.

Price Trakker

- - - - yes 2012 United
11-50 En 20
Price Trakker compares your competitors’ product information in real time, giving you access to their prices, promotions, 
reviews and even stock levels – allowing you to react accordingly and stay competitive. This information is then presented to you in a bespoke
customisable dashboard, accessible from anywhere and in an easily exported format.
					Monitor all your key competitors by directly scraping their website
					Compare same or similar products with competitor tracking software
					Competitor price tracking analysis tools for accurate product matching
					Monitor every seller that is listed on Google Shopping
					Monitor MAP, MSRP and RRP violations
					Automated alerts for any violations of the above

Intelligence Node

- - - - no 2012 USA 51-200 En 369
Intelligence Node is a real-time eCommerce price intelligence platform that empowers businesses to drive product level profitability 
and grow margins using data-driven competitive insights. Unlike niche applications or software corporations that have acquired and merged products,
Intelligence Node is an independent data powerhouse that has created the world’s largest pricing dataset with unmatched accuracy,
powered by proprietary AI-driven algorithms packaged in an intuitive and beautiful user interface. It is competitive intelligence and price optimization simplified.
						Monitor & Optimize Prices With 99% Accuracy
						Adjust Prices Faster Than Your Competitors
						Offer Competitive Prices While Protecting Your Margins
						Track & Compare Similar & Exact Products
						Plug & Play Price Monitoring API & Data Export
						Unlimited alerts and reports notified by email


1 times per day,
1 times per day, 
239 yes 2018 Ukraine 11-50 En, Ru, Ukr 128
Service for monitoring prices on the Internet. The service offers data collection from online stores, marketplaces and price aggregators for manufacturers 
and suppliers. Reports are generated in XLXS format, and it is also possible to integrate data into the client's system via API, XML.
The reports display information not only about retail prices in online stores, but also deviations from them, which will allow you to identify unauthorized sellers.
						Price monitoring of online stores
						Monitoring of competitors' prices
						Protection of trademark and brand rights on the Internet
						Brand representation search
						Collection and processing of databases


- - - - yes 1985 USA 1 001-5 000 En, Fr, De 2.360
PROS (NYSE: PRO) provides AI-based solutions that power commerce in the digital economy. Using artificial intelligence, PROS accelerates customers' 
ability to embrace digital selling and eCommerce channels. With predictive and prescriptive guidance, companies are enabled to dynamically price,
configure and sell their products and services across all channels with speed, precision, and consistency. PROS customers, who are leaders in their markets,
benefit from decades of data science expertise infused into our industry solutions.
						Omnichannel price management, to establish consistency, agility, and transparency in dynamic price strategies.
						Customer-specific price optimization, to ensure personalized pricing, tailored for every unique buying interaction, and selling context.
						Pricing governance and transparency, through smart, configurable analytics, purpose built for pricing.


1 times per day, 
1 times per day,
99 yes 2017 India 2-10 En 202
Agenty is a SaaS based platform in cloud with easy-to-use automated data extraction tool for professionals & businesses that enables business 
to convert the unstructured web data into structured spreadsheet and machine readable data with no coding required.
The most-advanced point and click interface transforms websites into data with a few simple clicks, enabling anyone to get the data they need even behind a login.
						Track store(zip-code) level prices by using city, and country IP addresses
						Create personalized reports to analyse your competitors pricing and catalogues.
						Transfer data to your server, MongoDB, Amazon S3 etc using our plugins.
						Set email alerts or webhook plugin to set automatic actions on price change.

SAMM Data Services

- - - - 30-day 2020 India 2-10 En 122
At SAMM Data Services we are innovative, experienced and unflinchingly committed to the pursuit of excellence and perfection. 
Our eCommerce solutions have helped scores of entrepreneurs across the world augment the efficiency and profitability of their businesses.
Our range of services is comprehensive and we constantly strive to keep pace with the evolving needs of eCommerce businesses.
Regardless of your industry vertical, by making SAMM Data Services your outsourcing partner you will extricate yourself of the tedious,
financial draining chores associated with running an eStore. We will help you concentrate on your core competencies and outthink and outpace your competitors.
						Our professionals will keep track of a product's price trends throughout the day and record even the minutest fluctuation. We, thus, help you evolve a responsive pricing strategy for your products
						Our virtual assistants for eCommerce stores gather high-quality relevant data on a product's pricing history and other important parameters and help you form an idea of its demand.
						We are capable of performing competitor price monitoring both manually and by employing automated means. In the latter case, we use state-of-the-art price monitoring software to capture price data from your competitors' eCommerce websites.

Online service

You will get login/ password for our online service. Online dashboard will allow you to manage your account youself. Support team will help you. If you have any question - create a new request to support team. It is really easy to use our online application.


Receive real-time price monitoring reports hourly,daily,weekly. You can setup a scheduler when you need to get reports. You can run a new price monitoring report generation trought the dashboard at anytime yourself. We do not cache data. You always get only fresh data. Each time when you run new report only actual prices will be extracted from the source site.


If you have unique requirements it is OK. We work with custom projects. We will develop a custom script for price monitoring. We will extract products urls. We will do products mapping.


You can download price monitoring reports throught online dashboard, we send reports to your email address. You can access data via API. We support data export to many file formats. excel file formatted vertical. excel file formatted horizontal. xml.

Competitors based pricing

You can extract here your competitor prices from any site. It is possible to use competitor's prices for repricing your products. You can define minimun and maximum margins for your products. It will allow you to sell with profit always. An automatic algorithm will adjust your prices based on mininum price of your competitor. Algorithm will subtract 1 USD (or any other value) from the best competitor's offer. If there is no any competitor for a product then your price will be set with maximum margin for such a product. So that will help you to organize automation for competitors based pricing at your company.

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